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Our expertise in corporate audio visual design, supply, installation and maintenance ensures you can deliver seamless communications and presentations.

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Cost effective Audio Visual Solutions

We understand that AV solutions need to provide reliable connections between internal teams, remote workers and national or global offices. As an independent AV Installer, we are not tied to any brand. Therefore, we can work with you to understand your requirements and recommend the most suitable products on the market.

Technology is rapidly evolving and some business owners are concerned that today’s AV systems will soon need replacing to keep pace with advancements. We believe that a good audio visual solution is designed to best serve your current and future business requirements. With long-term thinking and ongoing maintenance support, we ensure that your AV equipment is designed to last. As such, we are committed to cost-effective AV solutions that optimise your investment.

With an understanding of your existing infrastructure and business needs, we answer questions, recommend solutions and design the most suitable AV systems for projects large and small. Our consultative approach to all our projects allows us to fully understand the requirements of the business and implement a solution to meet the expectations.


We source quality equipment from reputable brands to ensure your investment delivers value. Our professional installation service is provided at times that minimise disruption and downtime. Visual Synergy work closely with key manufacturers in the market place allowing us to manage stock and lead-times, while maximising the value of the systems to our clients.

Every element in a room has an impact on the audio visual experience. As such, we offer a room design, supply and installation service for boardrooms, meeting rooms or adaptable workspaces. We are able to consult on many areas of the space from colours, placement and acoustics, to ensure that we maximise the investment in to the final solution.


By providing a local support and maintenance service, we help to extend the longevity of AV equipment. Our flexible options include pay-as-you-go and contracted support. Support calls can be logged 24/7 via our online portal, meaning that we can work to your time scales. utilising our in-house support engineers, we ensure that you see the same engineers when needed who will understand the individual needs of your business.


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Currently there is not a native hardware solution that can manage both platforms. A Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) system will accept an invite from Zoom, but this is a basic version and does not give the users the full experience.

Yes, the majority of business video packages are softwarebased. As such, there are software solutions that can overlay and manage many of the major video solutions. This allows users to have full flexibility and a choice of solution. 

Certain aspects of the hardware solution must be connected via a cable. This powers interconnections within the room or over the client network. Some manufacturers offer a wireless solution to all for content sharing (either directly to the screen or via a video call). We can deliver a fully wireless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, which allows users to connect to the screen, camera, speakers and microphones with a USB dongle or across multiple networks. 

No, several solutions use Android as the operating system. These are embedded in all in one soundbars” or built into flat panels and allow you to run either Teams, Zoom or Google. 

The majority of solutions we would supply have the ability to be re-imaged between Teams, Zoom and even Google, so if your business changes focus on the desired platform, the solution can be agile and change with you.

There are several key areas to consider with display technology including, resolution, size, primary use, cost of ownership and power usage. Generally, when the primary use is for a video conferencing environment, a modern LED screen would be recommended. This will keep power use low and the cost of ownership to a minimum. This AV solution can be delivered in an array of sizes to suit the environment and will deliver a crisp 4K resolution. For larger spaces, another option is a video wall, which would deliver an image as large as needed.

At the heart of a Teams solution is Microsoft. The user interface is the same across all manufacturers and is managed and delivered by Microsoft. However, not all hardware manufacturers are equal, as such, the best hardware solution will depend on the user requirements and environment. The major manufacturers are Logitech, Yealink and Lenovo, however, others are available.

For a typical “standard” Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) we would allow a full working day, this will depend on the size of the room and complexity of the solution, but a day will ensure that we have the time to complete the physical installation, update all the relevant firmware and software needed and then configure and fully test the solution.

This is always a key question, clearly the cost will depend on the size of the room, the solution that is recommended and the location of the office, however, for a small sized Microsoft Teams Room, an installed and commissioned solution could start from as little as £4,150.00, less if this was a simple bring your own devise only solution. Please call for starting prices for medium and larger meeting spaces.

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