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AV Supply & Installation

Visual Synergy is an independent and agnostic audio-visual company, so we recommend the best options on the market for your needs. We keep pace with developments and continuously evaluate new AV technology that comes onto the market.

We believe in standardisation to ensure that the user experience is consistent across all environments. However, we also factor in scaling, to ensure that your AV solution is fit for purpose, appropriate for the environment and supports the future of the business.

We have a long-standing relationship with all major audio-visual manufacturers as well as specialist, niche suppliers. This allows us to design cutting-edge and initiative AV systems, tailored to deliver your desired outcomes. Our internal project management team, installation engineers, programmers and support team can offer a fully managed end-to-end solution of any scope, no matter how large or small your project is.



Teams or Zoom, which is your preference? Microsoft Teams is by far the most popular video system being used by UK businesses; however, Zoom currently leads the global market share. Therefore, it can be difficult to decide on which video platform to use.  

Unfortunately, a decision is required, as no room-based hardware can currently deliver multiple platforms natively. Fortunately, we offer hardware that can be re-imaged. This means that if you decide to switch preferred platforms at a later date, no further investment in AV hardware is required.  

To deliver a versatile collaboration and conferencing solution, we recommend adding a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) facility to the room. This enables users to call from their laptops while benefiting from the installed AV hardware. An alternative solution is using a software package that can manage multiple video systems. This flexible solution allows native calls to be made and received using the same in-room hardware.  

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