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Audio Visual Consultation & System Design

Our consultation and solution design extends beyond the audio-visual hardware and user requirements. We recognise that our solutions need to integrate into the wider IT hardware roadmap and any future upgrade programs. As such, we discuss software preferences, connections, and types of current and future hardware. This ensures we deliver an AV system with the flexibility to grow with your business and remain current if your communication policies should change.  

Equally, we assess the required space and discuss any concerns about the workplace environment and the impact on the user experience. If there are opportunities to enhance the overall quality of the AV system, we will inform you. This will enable you to maximise your investment in the audio-visual solution.  

In the world of PC-based communications, your businesses can select from several different video and audio platforms. Visual Synergy’s approach is to ensure that your platform offers a simple and reliable solution, across all required environments. However, we understand the need for agile solutions.

We can put AV systems in place to ensure that all other options are available to the users. For example, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution allows any PC-based platform to be driven from the users’ laptops while using the facilities in the room. Let us help you create meeting spaces that are a true communication and collaboration environment!

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