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Designing Your Meeting Room Environment

Recent changes in the way people work, communicate, and collaborate have resulted in a big shift in the environments that are needed to facilitate the workforce.  

Visual Synergy has a wealth of experience in supplying solutions suitable for a small huddle room or a larger capacity auditorium. However, having a fixed and dedicated room to deliver presentations is not always the most efficient use of space. The traditional Meeting Room is often an unnecessary and impractical use of space, and we are encountering far more flexible thinking. 

In recognising the need to be agile, we offer practical solutions for multi-purpose spaces, including removable partition walls for total flexibility. The entire space can be used for “all hands” meetings and then divided for smaller, private collaborations. 

In short, Visual Synergy offers a complete solution to best match your business needs and workplace environment. We also ensure that there is consistency and compatibility throughout the office. 

We love the challenge of designing solutions that deliver your technical requirements and work within the space that you have available. Our team will consult with you on the best way to integrate recommended audio-visual technology into the surroundings. 

We have successfully delivered AV solutions into: 

  • Meeting Rooms 
  • Huddle spaces 
  • Pop-up meeting spaces 
  • Boardrooms 
  • Auditoriums & Lecture Theatres  
  • Town Halls 
  • Open offices 
  • Canteens 
  • Reception areas 
  • Communal area 
  • Council Chambers


So, what space do you wish to upgrade with the latest audio-visual functionality? 

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is having AV systems that meet user needs, without internal technical support having to be on hand. We aim to simplify the process, so every user is confident in using audio visual equipment. 

Visual Synergy’s ethos of putting the user experience at the forefront of system design results in intuitive solutions. We can deliver a one-touch solution that will activate the AV hardware in the room and connect to a call. Equally, we offer a “one cable does all” plug-and-play system, which removes a common cause of confusion. By keeping things simple, reliable and easy to use, we encourage maximum use of AV technology.

Consistency is key in delivering reliability, and although the solution has to be fit for purpose for the environment, standardisation is vital to keep things simple for the users, so the interface and functionality is familiar. Standardising on a Teams, or Zoom solution allows the user interface to remain the same across all sizes of rooms, a system would then implemented around this central platform with the right peripheral to suits the right room to deliver the highest level of quality.

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