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Visual Synergy is a specialist audio visual company that can enhance your meetings, communications and collaboration experience. Our expertise is in applying multiple video and audio platforms in working environments of all shapes and sizes. As an independent company, we recommend, design, install and maintain AV equipment and systems to match your business needs.  

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We take a consultative approach to every project and spend time discussing and understanding the needs and requirements of both your organisation and users. With your needs in mind, we share and advise on relevant solutions. We take pride in applying our industry expertise to ensure you receive appropriate, reliable and cost-effective audio-visual solutions.

We are an experienced teams of Audio-Visual systems specialist. The team bring together decades of experience in pre-sales consultation, programming, engineering, design and installation. We are all committed to providing high-quality, tailored solutions at competitive prices to meet and exceed our clients expectations. The Team at Visual Synergy are dedicated in providing the highest levels of service no matter how big or small the project.

At Visual Synergy we pride ourselves in working with our clients to become valued, and strategic partners in your communication and collaboration road map. Rather than just being a supplier of hardware, we look beyond simply providing an off the shelf system and work closely with users to design and implement a solution delivering the needs and requirements of the business. We are here to advise and consult whenever needed on all aspects of collaboration to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest innovations within the industry.

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