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Who We Are

Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Visual Synergy was established to provide an effective and cost-efficient approach to audio visual (AV) supplies, systems, and services.

We provide AV solutions for offices and buildings across the UK, having worked with a variety of companies from a number of industries, including Health, Finance and Technology.

Today, the role of technology within the workplace is crucial in order to maintain communication across your business and with your clients. It also saves costs across the board for your business – from travel expenses, to paper wastage.

As the importance of technology has grown, so has our business. Since our inception, we have adapted and developed a reputation of quality in the AV industry, quickly becoming known for our wide range of dynamic supplies and services for business spaces of all kinds.

What We Do

We specialise in integrating presentation and video conference apparatus into corporate spaces with bespoke furnishings, room design, and mobile solutions to suit any environment.

We also supply the gear for digital signage implementation, allowing your company to create clear updated displays for your visitors.

Working with a selection of professional partners, we are able to supply technology from all the major manufactures. We can cover the whole spectrum of installation projects, from simple one off purchase, to completely bespoke media walls.

We are passionate about staying up-to-date with our industry, so we’ll always ensure to supply the latest and highest quality equipment.

How We Can Help

We understand that every organisation is different, so we work closely with you to determine your exact requirements and make your video conferences and presentations run seamlessly in the ideal environment

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