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Audio Visual Design Solutions For Your Business

As a business, are you more likely to want to use a boardroom with the basic requirements of a table, a few chairs and a projector screen; or a fully furnished space with surround sound audio and an integrated media wall for displaying presentations and conducting video conferences?

More importantly, which room do you think would have a better impact and longer lasting impression on your clients?

Visual Synergy can work with you to design the perfect conference room, boardroom or other office space for your business needs.

Designed For Success

Our team of experts at Visual Synergy are able to offer your business counsel on creating the optimum aesthetic environment for your meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Every feature of a room, from the finishes to the furnishings, can have an effect on your clientele and their audio visual experience whilst they visit your offices. Whether it’s the ability to view the screen properly from all positions, or getting the perfect balance of audio levels, it is integral that your room is designed for optimal AV experiences.

This is why we believe your audio visual solution should be considered early on in the room design process, to ensure that the juxtaposition of technology and design delivers the best possible results. The room’s presentation, and the multimedia solutions that will be used to deliver presentations within said room, should be discussed, decided and designed at the early stages of the building project.

We can offer advice on choosing the best designers for the job, or collaborate with the contractors your company has hired. This ensures that every aspect of the room’s audio visual prowess is considered and that all your expectations are met’ if not exceeded, within budget.

Every element, including the textures, colours, furnishing and lighting must be taken into consideration to ensure that the environment is set, and the video system is going to deliver the best possible experience. The furnishings and technology should work in harmony, delivering a memorable impression that leaves clients suitably impressed.

Consider the design of a conference table for example. An ordinary rectangular table will force those sitting at it to strain their bodies to view a screen placed at its end. An oval or tear-shaped table, on the other hand, makes it easier for the entire team to view the media, no matter where they are sitting.

This not only enables the best possible presentation to be made, it allows businesses to get the most out of their equipment, making it a worthwhile investment all-round.

Contact us today and see how Visual Synergy can transform your client facing spaces into fully optimised presentation-ready rooms.