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Maximise Your Investment With Mobile Solutions

Try as you might, sometimes it’s just not possible to find a suitable meeting space with the appropriate presentation equipment.

Whether it’s because your main meeting room is in use, or your other conference spaces are not equipped with the right technology. Whatever the case, it is not always possible to have a fixed position for displays or video conferencing in your office.

If this sounds familiar, and your hardware constantly needs to be shared between different rooms, then Visual Synergy have the solution.

Audio Visual Technology In Every Environment

Visual Synergy offer a range of solutions that enable audio visual technology to become mobile.

These systems can range from a simple sturdy trolley, to completely moveable furniture. We also offer large-scale displays that are height adjustable in order to allow transport and access into your offices.

Mobile solutions allow you to bring presentation and video conferencing equipment into every environment on a purely ad-hoc basis.

If you install these state-of-art facilities permanently in a room, and only use that space on rare occasions, your investment in this equipment is wasted; whilst your other colleagues in smaller meeting rooms are trying to deliver their messages with flip charts and wipe-clean boards.

How do you solve this problem?

Have the equipment installed onto a mobile multimedia cart.

Bespoke Interchangeable Systems

Our mobile solutions range from a simple mobile flat screen on a trolley, to a bespoke item of furniture designed to meet the growing demands of modern meeting room spaces.

Mobile solutions allow any organisation to equip all of their meeting rooms with the ultimate audio visual experience, through the use of multimedia displays as well as video conferencing equipment.

These easily transportable multimedia carts offer a refreshing alternative to traditional fixed audio visual systems. The fully mobile solutions are cleverly designed for use with best multimedia and display technologies, meaning you can bring cutting-edge presentation equipment to every meeting.

These stylish units seamlessly blend in with any office environment; meaning they can be easily stored away when not in use.

Bring next-level presentation equipment to all your offices with mobile solutions. Enquire into how Visual Synergy can implement bespoke audio visual systems in your office by phoning 01296 397739 and requesting a quote today.