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Has your company been slow to adapt to technological in its own meeting rooms or boardrooms? Have you thought about how interactive technologies can improve productivity and business efficiency?

Now is the time to start thinking.

Here at Visual Synergy, we can independently advise your business on the best interactive technology to suit your office.

We take aesthetics, budget and key requirements into account in order to deliver the best possible audio visual solution for your business.

Ask yourself; is your company ready for the touchscreen revolution?

Touchscreen technology such as tablets and smartphones have become commonplace products. New operating systems are now optimised for touch, with web browsers, games consoles and interactive apps following fast.

So why shouldn’t your meeting room take advantage of this?

We at Visual Synergy believe it should, and we’d like to introduce you to SMART interactive products.

SMART Technology

With a SMART interactive whiteboard, you can bring together groups and keep them completely connected by seamlessly accessing and controlling the information on display. Data from your computer can be exhibited on the board by simply touching its surface.

Combined with your own computer and either a projector or a flat screen display, SMART products transform your workspace into an engaging interactive experience; bringing new levels of communication and education to any environment.

This technology allows you to effortlessly hold engaging meetings whilst you interact with your computer from the board. You can record and edit notes, draw plans in digital ink, highlight areas of interest and save images as well as bodies of text. It’s the complete audio visual experience.

How can interactive technologies help your business?

Organisations all over the world are choosing to install SMART interactive products in their offices.

Project managers can track progress, save notes and deliver more detail to stakeholders during progress meetings.

Designers can present detailed, interactive plans and 3D models to clients, incorporating feedback instantly, streamlining the design process.

Executives can present engaging pitches, utilising various web-based technology, including video and real-time social channels.

Lawyers will grab jurors’ attention, helping them further understand evidence by showcasing and interacting with the material.

Public Service Departments can take whole teams through realistic training simulators

To maximise productivity, business efficiency, and take your meetings to the next level, contact Visual Synergy about the installation of interactive technology in your office today.