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Bespoke Boardroom Furniture And AV Integration For Your Office Space

When it comes to acquiring clients, presentation is everything. The worth of your business is being projected from the moment a client enters your office, and the way they perceive it from the room design, fittings and furniture can make or break sales.

It is vital then that every client facing environment in your organisation is optimised to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Whether it’s a boardroom with a media wall and cable managed table, or a training facility with large screen displays and multimedia sources; retaining a consistent and well-designed image is of the utmost importance.

By integrating AV equipment into bespoke furniture, the wires and cables connected to the equipment you require will be hidden from view and the environment will look more sophisticated. The space that is saved from this solution is also beneficial for your business if you are looking to maximise the potential of your office environments.

How Can We Help?

Here at Visual Synergy we specialise in designing a wide range of bespoke boardroom furniture solutions for all kinds of business spaces, created to readily integrate our dynamic systems and services.

We know that individuality is a huge factor in giving your brand the ability to stand out from the rest. This is why we endeavour to design completely unique, bespoke AV furniture inspired by the environment of your office whilst working entirely within your budget requirements.

Furniture That Fits Your Business

Our team of experts will research your individual requirements to deliver a detailed and well-thought out plan, which takes into account all of your personal preferences. We’ll work closely with your team, so that every suggestion and request will be handled with true professionalism and incorporated into the project.

The Visual Synergy Solution

Through our years of expertise and experience we will ensure that every step of the design, installation and delivery processes is discussed with your team, enabling the seamless integration and upgrade of new furniture into your offices.

We design and build individual solutions with your organisation’s needs in mind, combining flexibility and mobility with cost effectiveness and performance.

By taking into account your budget alongside your company’s specific requirements, we are able to truly embrace your ideas and craft a solution that’s the perfect fit for your business.

Make an impression on your clients by upgrading your furniture. Call 01296 397739 today to discuss how Visual Synergy’s bespoke boardroom furniture solutions can help your business.